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Fare Filing Services

APG Fare Filing Services, accomplished in our Paris and New Delhi offices, files published and negotiated fares on behalf of more than 20 airline clients in the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and ATPCO. FFS is primarily designed for small to medium size airlines not having the manpower and/or expertise to execute the complex fare filings.

Functional Description

ATPCO is the Airline Tariff Publishing Company owned by 15 airlines. Their core business is the collection and distribution of fare data for airlines. ATPCO maintains a database of over 80 million airfares for 450 airlines, Airlines distribute published and “private fares” to travel agents in every country worldwide by filing their fares through ATPCO to the GDSs. APG Fare Filing Services, files negotiated and published fares on behalf of airline clients in the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

Target Audience

Primarily small to medium size airlines who do not have the manpower and/or expertise to make the complex negotiated fare filings in the Airline Tariff Publishing Company formats for distribution directly and simultaneously into the Global Distribution Systems.


Using the proprietary FAREMANAGER software, APG Network in our New Delhi office electronically uploads the international airfares for client airlines to ATPCO.  Alternatively, APG Network has expertise on filing fares via Amadeus FareExpert, Hitchhiker fare coding tool, Agency Private Fares for Galileo and My fares for Sabre.  APG network from our Paris office electronically uploads the international negotiated fares for client airline and consolidators.

ATPCO electronically distributes the international airfares to travel agents via GDS

  • Published fares can be seen in GDS by all travel agents in a market
  • Private fares can be filed to individual travel agent Pseudo City Codes, viewable only by the specified agency.
  • “Single loading–Single cost”. As ATPCO loads fares to all GDS simultaneously – there is not a “per GDS” charge, making the service more cost effective than individual GDS filings.


  • Fast, accurate, secure and simultaneous distribution of an airlines Published and/or Private Fares in all GDS
  • Standardizes Tariff distribution to all Global Distribution Systems (GDS) – no disparities in carrier fare displays from system to system
  • Eliminates errors from paper fare distribution and reduces generation of travel agency debit memos


Each ATPCO fare filing is individually priced depending on its fare rule size and complexity. A fare grid is first provided by the airline and APG Network then sends a quote for the estimated time/cost for loading the fares.  APG Network will provide price quotations within 3 business days.

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