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APG TCH Coordination Services

Functional Description

ATCS, is the newest APG product, developed and launched in February 2015 in partnership with the TRANSPORT CLEARING HOUSE (TCH), the Russian settlement system, with a purpose to increase the revenue of APG airline partners in the Russian market on a variable cost, “Pay as you Earn” basis, with nominal TCH joining fees, granting access to all agents in Russia for sales of air tickets in all agents’ offices from Moscow to Vladivostok. ATCS enables airlines to cost effectively generate revenues from the entire Russian market (not
only BSP RU agents sales), by simultaneously stimulating TCH membership in addition to BSP RU membership, increasing transactional throughput and therefore creating incremental revenue. The ATCS program is now available for all airlines, in all territories of Russia, and for all Russian agents (more than 7000 points of sales) – one of the
biggest agent networks.

Target Audience

All Airlines from every part of the world who have or not have yet joined BSP Russia, and would like to maximize profit from the Russian market, can benefit from TCH participation on a “pay as you earn” basis.
All Carriers: Big, Small, Online, Offline, International, Domestic, Start Ups, Low Cost, “Hybrid”…


ATCS helps airlines generate marginal sales revenues from the entire Russian market. The APG Network, through its local Russian office
administers the ATCS program, functioning as the liaison between the airlines in ATCS and TCH. The APG Network member for Russia functions as the Local Carrier Representative:

  • Handles application formalities for the airline with TCH
  • Provides an active interface with TCH administration
  • Controls agent ticketing authorities (if required)
  • Performs a preliminary monthly sales audit/check of sales reports on behalf of carrier for tickets sold through TCH
  • Support for paper work and activation of transportation sales on CCS-TCH STDs and e-tickets via GDS’s Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Sirena-Travel.
  • Set up and maintenance of banking and credit card facilities (if required/available)
  • Set up local banking relationships
  • Assist in local credit cards acceptance/clearance process
  • Travel Agent Helpdesk


  • Scheduled airline (online and offline)
  • IATA or non-IATA affiliation
  • Signing an agreement with Russian GDS “Sirena-Travel” and E-Ticketing capable in this GDS
  • E-Ticketing capable in Global Distribution Systems (GDS)


  • Full TCH membership
  • Access to more than 7000 authorised points of sale in Russia
  • Variable cost based
  • Open to both IATA and non-IATA airlines
  • Automated neutral TCH ticket issuance via GDS’s Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Sirena-Travel
  • Remittance received directly from TCH
  • No long term contracts – 90 days notice
  • Full control of Agency Defaults by TCH
  • Guaranteed and full revenue remittance to the participating airlines

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